Nanovations Pty Ltd extends Nanotechnology product supply in New Zealand

( A wide range of end-user products is now available at Nanotech Direct in Auckland.
Nanotech Direct will also stock Nanovations product range for professional applicators, and in commercial quantities.
The main objective of the partnership is the promotion of the latest technology in New Zealand, and optimizing storage and transport and availability.

The joint venture will develop the New Zealand market in an entrepreneurial and agile fashion.

Nanovations durable and extremely effective solutions have been used particularly in buildings and automotive and marine related applications by professional applicators. For example, the first high rise building, in the world was treated with glass coating solutions from Nanovations.

Since more than 8 years, the technology provides the building owners and occupants with crystal clear views on Sydney Harbour. Since then Nanovations has worked on many more projects worldwide. The latest one is the Socar Tower, the highest building in the Caucasus region, a project arranged by the Permastellisa Group, the most advanced curtain wall manufacturer in the world.

No other glass coating manufacturer has a similar track record.
In New Zealand, Nanovations will offer certification to trained applicators and a 10 year warranty for external building glass.

About Nanovations:
Nanovations Pty Ltd is the only manufacturer of colloidal inorganic glass coatings in the southern hemisphere. The company is specialized in advanced ultra-thin coating solutions for surfaces exposed to harsh environments. Nanovations develops manufactures, and supplies products that represent the latest scientific discoveries in coating technology, with new unseen properties, better durability and the best environmental performance available. Nanovations is working with companies, industry leaders and strategic partners that are key players in their market segment. It helps to promote and supply cutting-edge solutions and durable and value adding technologies to their customers.
Nanovations is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Nanovations is currently the only carbon neutral certified nanotechnology manufacturer in the world.

About Nanotech Direct
Nanotech Direct is a New Zealand company, that sources premium nanotechnology based products for everyday users and professional applicators, directly from the manufacturers.

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Media Release on 24 September 2013 by Nanotech Direct

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