New crafting magazine for New Zealand

( New Zealand Crafter magazine will be a spin-off/accompanying venture to the New Zealand Craft Hub (, which is a directory website of craft suppliers, expos, markets, craft sellers and other craft-related events and organisations.

The magazine will be the only one of its kind in the current market and aims to engage, inspire and spark creativity rather than simply showcase. It wants its readers to keep crafting for the love of it and encourage readers to share their craft with other readers by making the content inclusive of all ages, interests and ability levels. It is aimed to foster growth and promote confidence, and leave the showcasing to other publications.

The magazine, being produced in New Zealand for a New Zealand audience, will also help to promote New Zealand made.

The magazine will feature articles about local crafters and craft business, tutorials and projects, reader feedback, recipes, news from local craft markets and initiatives and a children’s section with crafts to do with the kids.

Currently New Zealand Craft Hub is looking for investors and backers to help the project get off the ground and if all goes according to plan, we aim to launch in March 2017.

Anyone who is interested in supporting the project can find it on Kickstarter at:

People interested in writing or contributing to the magazine or who would like to advertise, can get in touch at

Media kits will be available in November.

NZ Craft Hub was started with no money down and is run on a DIY website platform. An accompanying Facebook page was launched at the same time in March of this year and had reached 75 followers a week before the website had even gone live, and is over 1000 followers and growing steadily.

In developing the website and adding extra content to increase interest such as a projects page and monthly newsletter it became evident that there is a strong appetite for this kind of content. Thus, the website and Facebook page has acted more as a market research tool through which they were able to investigate the possibility of starting a magazine.

Media Release on 10 October 2016 by New Zealand Craft Hub

Media Contact
Skye Bothma, New Zealand Craft Hub
Phone: 021 0611 026