Hunter Education Focus for The Bloke

( “Many hunters come from families and communities where the skills are passed down – for those of us who grew up in urban areas, the exposure to these skill sets can be limited.” said, Adams.

The Bloke organises regular courses at Balnagown Hunting, a hunting block north of Auckland. Participants learn about firearm and knife safety, equipment selection and process an animal from start to finish.

“I was lucky enough to have hands-on training and realised there was an opportunity to get others up-skilled as well.” said, Adams.

“Richard, the owner of Balnagown has been guiding hunters for over twenty years. The wealth of knowledge he has is incredible. Not only on the physical process, but also with tips, animal behaviour and more. The amount of information we can pack into a day course is astonishing.” said, Adams.

In addition to Richard and Kerry, the course trainers include a duo of butchers, Josh and Callum and award winning Chef, Jason McGeorge.

“The courses are beneficial to both new and old hunters. Everyone walks away learning something and getting to better understand the path from a live animal to the plate.” said, Adams.

Their next course is at the end of October, and more details can be found on their site –