New recruitment company launched to fill NZ skill shortages

NZ Jobs Search will match jobs in New Zealand to potential candidates overseas who have the necessary in-demand skills. They will focus on vacancies in the trade, industrial skills and healthcare sectors, all of which are facing severe labour shortages.

“New Zealand has just opened its borders to workers from around the globe. The immigration system is quite complex and there are new visas available so getting the right advice is vital for both employers and candidates,” says NZ Jobs Search founder, Darryl Montgomery.

“The team at NZ Jobs Search can handle all the details. We have more than two decades of experience in the recruitment industry, and through our partnership with New Zealand’s leading immigration law firm can provide accurate visa advice for prospective workers in the New Zealand jobs market.

“We help candidates eliminate uncertainty and risk, making a move to New Zealand smoother and less stressful, and helping employers fill their vacancies.”

The NZ Jobs Search team is not just offering listed jobs from key employers in specific industries; they also tap into the hidden job market by going to market on behalf of an offshore candidate to find an employer and job offer that matches their skills.

“We started NZ Jobs Search to leverage the huge amount of experience recruitment specialist, Debbie Rhodes and I have with employers and immigration law,” says Darryl.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with New Zealand businesses to recruit skilled migrant workers and contributing to the talent and skills in the NZ labour market.”

Media Release on 23 August 2022

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Darryl Montgomery, NZ Jobs Search
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