NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party opposes Penalisation of Farmers’ Individually for Carbon Emissions

NZ Outdoors and Freedom party supports all farmers and the groups speaking out against this horrendous proposal by the government

The Local Body Elections sent a clear message to Labour that the nation does not want Three Waters.

On the back of the prime minister continuing to insult rate payers by ignorantly laughing the results off, comes Labour and the Greens announcement of their new He Waka Eke Noa 94-page plan to penalise farmers’ individually for carbon emissions.

He Waka Eke Noa is a partnership between government agencies, the primary sector organisations and iwi

An upping of the pressure on farmers from the Zero Carbon Act, passed in 2019, set a domestic target of cutting greenhouse gases (except biogenic methane) to net-zero by 2050. Biogenic methane must be cut by 10 percent below 2017 levels by 2030 and to 24-47 percent below 2017 levels by 2050.

It’s time we had a conversation about priorities including the relative importance of food security, our rural communities, the needs of all New Zealanders and how best to manage all toxic pollutants, instead of the current green-eyed obsession on carbon emissions.

New Zealand produces 0.17% (that’s less than 1/4) of 1% of world emissions.

The NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party is very concerned by the escalating impacts these proposals could have on our rural communities and farmers already facing barely workable rules as it is.

The current government with its globalist focus is using flawed data and assumptions to unfairly disadvantage and hobble New Zealand farmers, and put our food security, rural economy and future at risk.

The NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party has farmer and community focused solutions based on sound ecological principles which will both support New Zealand rural economy and avoid more as hoc taxes.

The backbone and prosperity of New Zealand is built on the generational work of farmers in agriculture & horticulture up and down the country. It is without doubt, the life blood of our rural communities and our biggest export earner. Providing jobs and income for workers and suppliers up and down the country and in our provincial towns.

We must not let the current government put food supplies at risk by bowing to the pressure of international influence on our policies.

The Ground Swell Group said yesterday in their short media release

“How have we come to this place when the world is in danger of running out of food?”

The NZ Outdoors and Freedom party promotes freedom from excessive government and international interference in the lives of New Zealanders
We need to understand that our prime minister has made a promise to be the first in the world to implement Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals into every key policy. Again, this proposed policy is a first in the world.

We need to recognise this is not only happening in New Zealand.
10 June 2022 the Netherland government designated €24.3 billion to finance agricultural reforms that will likely make many farmers drastically reduce their number of livestock or get rid of them altogether. The Netherland government’s proposal aims to halve nitrogen oxide and ammonia pollution in the country by 2030. According to government estimates, this could lead to the closure of about 30 percent of livestock farms in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural produce in the world after the United States.

We suggest people take that in and look at what is being proposed by our government.

Another NZ Outdoors and Freedom party policy is to encourage more self-sufficiency for New Zealand and New Zealanders.

We need to look after New Zealanders first and our policies need to be developed around the betterment of our own country and of our food security for our people. As well as maintaining our export earnings.
We certainly must support the uptake of new technology and ways to reduce emissions but not at the cost of destroying our industry and needing to import food from places where emissions are high.

We believe in a sector-led process to reduce on-farm emissions. We respect farmers’ knowledge in this and their involvement in all processes and not just via one body is vital.

Kiwi farmers are among the most carbon efficient farmers in the world so cutting back food production here, just to see the demand being met by less-efficient farmers outside of New Zealand is simply counterproductive and we need to ensure our own food security as a country.

The NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party supports reducing emissions in a fair and progressive way. Encouraging on-farm planting and carbon capture through better soil health encouraging regenerative farming practices.

Media Release 13 October 2022.