New Zealand photo shoot

( Danish photographer Anders Peter, specialized in nature and travel photography. On March 3rd he is leaving for a two month photo shoot in New Zealand. He will be travelling mostly along the coast line, all the way around the two main islands and Steward Island.

“My photos are often used for marketing and branding of services or companies, illustrating travel destinations or expressing environmental conscience. They are used by tour operators, food companies, environmental organizations and more.”

To view samples from Anders Peter’s previous trips to places like Iceland and Greenland, visit his personal gallery website at

“The cost of a two month photo shoot is immense. Airplane tickets (from Denmark), car rental etc. Even though I travel sparsely the minimum cost is 5000 USD. The fact is that I am unlikely to ever make up for the expenses in individual photo sales, so I am in need of additional contributions etc. What I offer in return though is a very advantageous deal if you have any use for my photos.”

For the minimum crowd funding contribution of 150 USD you will get access to download one of two photo packages. A “North Island” or a “South Island” package with approximately 250 varied photos in each of the two photo packages. When the two month shoot is over you will be able to download your photo package at

“These are high quality, full resolution files, perfect for any commercial use. The only thing I don’t allow is resale of the digital originals.”

Media Release on 04 Jan 2012 from Anders Peter Photography

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