NZ Blinds' Sunscreen Roller Blinds Great for Daytime Security


NZ Blinds’ Sunscreen roller blinds are made from specialty design PVC material that has a high resistance to UV fade damage and is made to reduce heat and light glare. This fabric is light enough to allow you to enjoy your view during the daytime but also reduce heat and UV rays. Sunscreen blinds are versatile and can be used in any room of the house, as well as in workplaces too. 

Sunscreen roller blinds are great for daytime security, especially if you are away at work all day, as potential burglars can see through the blinds to see if anyone is at home. There is another similar use for them, and that is for vacant holiday homes, as they don’t make the house look as though nobody is there.  

During the daytime you can look out your sunscreen blinds (to differing degrees) while people outside can’t see in, so your Sunscreen blinds are great for daytime privacy. However, come night time this phenomenon is reversed somewhat. People can’t see in with total clarity.

Sunscreen blinds are also vital to protect your home, as the damage and fade caused by UV light happens subtly over time, slowly affecting the equity of your property. Furniture, floors, and other material objects are often left unchecked and forgotten until it’s too late when the damage has already set and clearly visible.

Therefore, buying sunscreen blinds early is a great opportunity to invest and save on your property long-term, by preventing UV damage from even beginning to take effect on your furnishings.  

For more information on sunscreen protection for your home explore NZ Blinds’ collection of window blinds to find the perfect style of blinds for your house, while maintaining the comfort and longevity of your home, and to find out more about blind accessories, blackout blinds and aluminium venetian blinds please go to .


Media Release 30 April 2020.