NZ-Owned Satellite Internet Provider to Launch New Unlimited data Internet Plan

Using Kacific broadband satellites with KA Band technology, the latest Woi satellite internet plan offers unlimited satellite internet for $129 per month, including GST. Alongside affordability, customers also benefit from speed, courtesy of desirable download speeds of 50 Mbps and an upload speed of 10mbps.

According to Woi spokesperson Martin Wrigley, the goal has always been to ensure rural Kiwis have choices, especially when their options are already limited in isolated parts of the country.

“Rural Kiwis often get the raw deal with internet services, especially with fibre broadband rollouts not reaching many isolated communities. By providing this new plan to complement our others, we believe we’re doing our part to connect Kiwis where they need it the most,” Wrigley says.

The Woi Plus plan is available now, and Woi takes care of all parts of the installation process for you. Simply email or phone 0800 GET WOI (0800 438 964) to switch internet providers today.

To learn more about Woi’s new satellite internet plan or other competitively priced plans, visit

About Woi
Woi is a satellite internet service provider offering Kiwis fibre-like internet speeds on small Kacific satellite antennas. Woi has over two decades of experience in designing and installing small and large networks, which means they understand what it takes to achieve fast internet and how to make sure rural Kiwis get it. To learn more about Woi and its services, visit, or phone 0800 GET WOI (0800 438 964).

Media Release on 27 March 2023

Media Contact
Richard Broadbridge, Woi Satellite Internet
0800 GETWOI (438964)