New Zealand Named Most Ideal Study Abroad Destination in the World

( New Zealand has stolen the top spot as the best study abroad location in the world in a ranking recently released by the higher education search portal,

In the first ever ranking of its kind, used survey participants’ top criteria to highlight key insights into the prospective student’s journey. Over 20,000 students from around the world revealed what matters most to them when selecting a university: location. Though priorities included experiencing a new culture, accessing higher quality teaching and finding adventure, the data made clear that selecting a country is the most important step in the process.

In a demonstration of its widespread appeal, New Zealand easily claimed the number one ranking globally. With all of its eight universities in the top three percent in the world and seemingly endless opportunities for adventure, the country quite rightly deserved the top spot.

CIO of, Fredrik Högemark, says “International students have special considerations when choosing an ideal university and program. We believe that New Zealand universities offer an exceptional environment for students around the world to gain a high-quality education in a country that also has so many incredible cultural opportunities.”

Find the full global rankings here:

Media Release 8 March 2019.