NZ Taxi Federation announces partnership with online driver training provider

( Until October 2017, drivers of small passenger service vehicles, such as taxis, had to complete a training course to obtain a P (passenger) endorsement. These courses trained drivers how to fill out a small passenger service vehicle logbook, plus other knowledge to help induct them into the industry.

The lack of compulsory training is now causing risks for new drivers who are finding they are getting logbook-related fines, according to Executive Director of the New Zealand Taxi Federation, John Hart, who said, “Drivers of small passenger service vehicles need assistance to understand their compliance obligations, as well as learn how to be a competent and safe driver.”

“To fill the gap in training, we have partnered with DT Driver Training to offer our members the Small Passenger Service Vehicle logbook course and the Fleet Driver Plan,” Hart added, “and the NZ Taxi Federation has facilitated a course rollout, via its member companies, to over 700 taxi drivers throughout New Zealand.”

Recent statistics obtained by DT Driver Training from NZ Police under an Official Information Act request found that 2259 small passenger service vehicle and heavy vehicle drivers were given infringement notices in 2017 for logbook errors and omissions. A further 324 were processed through the courts for more serious logbook and work time offences.

With penalties ranging from $150-$500 and 10-35 demerit points for an infringement or, if it goes to court, a fine of up to $2000 per offence plus a minimum one-month disqualification, livelihoods can
be affected.

Darren Cottingham, director of DT Driver Training, said, “Many taxi drivers are new arrivals to New Zealand and have not necessarily had much experience with our road rules and legislation. These two online courses get them up-to-speed with what’s expected of them on our roads and how to comply with logbook and work time rules. We want them to be out there, earning fares, not giving their money to the government’s Consolidated Fund.”

To contact the New Zealand Taxi Federation, call 04 499 0611.

Media Release on 18 May 2018 by DT Driver Training

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