PC Components and New Hardware Launched by Ultimate Graphics

(PR.co.nz) As an established business for a year, Ultimate Graphics located in New Zealand have been selling computer gaming video cards to PC enthusiasts nation wide.

Originally stocking four main brands of video cards, the team began to receive alot of feedback from existing customers.

This was that after their customers experienced the process of buying online through the Ultimate Graphics website and interacting with the customer service team that they wanted to know if they would eventually supply a full range of PC parts.

This had always been an objective of Ultimate Graphics, but they had intended on waiting till the right time to release a larger range of PC parts and brands

Now with the launch of a full list of PC parts and everything their customers would need to build a custom gaming PC, Ultimate Graphics can now offer a full PC part supply service.

What New Categories of PC Parts Are Available?

The Full PC Part List is here: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts.html

PC Cases: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/pc-cases.html
Computer Cooling: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/cooling.html
Computer CPU’s: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/cpu.html
MotherBoards: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/motherboards.html
Hard Disk Drives: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/hard-disk-drives.html
Computer RAM: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/pc-memory.html
SSD Drives: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/solid-state-drives.html
PC Power Supply: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/power-supply.html
AMD Video Cards: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/amd-vga.html
Nvidia Video Cards: http://www.graphicscard.co.nz/computer-parts/nvidia-vga.html

Ultimate Graphics will also be adding new brands in the near future to further bolster this new offering, with the aim to be a well rounded PC parts online retailer.

For all other information regarding Ultimate Graphics and their website please visit us online at http:///www.graphicscard.co.nz

Media Release on 21 March 2014 by Ultimate Graphics

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