Complete Set of Painting Services Announced by Citywide Decorators

( Citywide Decorators, a painting service provider based in Auckland New Zealand today announced that the company would be providing a complete range of services for the greater Auckland area. The company has been around for more than 20 years; it has literally completed thousands of projects with a long list of satisfied customers. Households as well as businesses can now avail complete set of painting services from Citywide Decorators from Warkworth to the Bombay hills.

The company policy of offering quality along with the best rates has awarded them a high reputation in this highly competitive industry.

Citywide Decorators’ teams are based out of Auckland and consist of specialists who are experienced with the changing weather conditions of New Zealand. The company has been servicing Auckland and a wide range of areas around it for many decades. The company offers a wide range of interior and exterior painting services. Paint removal done without the use of any harsh chemicals or lead sheets, special stripper machines are sued to remove layers of paint & great care is taken to leave the premises clean and tidy on a daily basis.

Preparation work for any paint job is done with the following well laid out processes, which ensures longevity for the paint coating.

All professionals with Citywide Decorators are experts in taking care of damaged coatings caused by UV, wind, rain and frost. Painting is undertaken only after a proper inspection of the roof or cladding is completed. Roofing tiles that need restoring have to go through a treatment process prior to re surfacing. This involves pressure washing and mould treatments. Once these preparations have been undertaken then resurfacing can begin. Citywide Decorators can resurface concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated roofing, color-coated steel or decramastic tile roof.

Customers can choose from a wide range of colors available on the company’s colour charts.
Dwellings that have moss, lichen or moulds can cause the inhabitants a wide range of respiratory health problems. The team from Citywide Decorators can take care of these issues easily with our proven techniques. They have been successfully dealing with such issues for a over 2 decades.
Citywide Decorators’ pressure washing techniques will give your residential or commercial buildings are complete makeover. Also, these techniques help in removing the tiniest traces of disease causing mould spores.

The team at Citywide Decorators has been helping customers to restore their homes and commercial building for decades now. They are experts who can be trusted to deliver a product to your satisfaction.

Media Release on 26 March 2014

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