Eating Healthy Easy with Fresh Direct

( Now you don’t have to decode the labels on your snacks to see whether they are actually healthy or not. EasyFruit removes all the excuses and barriers to eating healthy, it’s convenient, great value for money and incredibly fresh! It’s time to stop making excuses and be the healthier you that you keep promising to be.

EasyFruit is the latest product offering from Fresh Direct, launched just a week ago consisting of 10 cut fruit convenience packs ranging in price from only $3.99 for the smaller packs to $7.99 for the larger fruit salad packs. The range consists of fruit salads, berry mixes, cut pineapple, mango and watermelon and even fresh coconut pieces that are ready ready to eat. The EasyFruit range is currently available in 14 Countdown stores (within Auckland) with many more stores to come. The best part about the range is that it couldn’t be any fresher. Fresh Direct owns one of the largest grower markets in the country so the fruit used in the packs is coming straight from the growers, prepared on site and sent to Countdown that same day.

“We’re so excited to finally see the EasyFruit products in-store, for us it’s been a long time coming and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to launch a cut fruit range on this scale. Fresh Direct is dedicated to ensuring the success of the EasyFruit range, we’ve had great responses from the public so far and we hope to use this to continually improve this category for consumers”
Ana Aloma, Marketing Manager at Fresh Direct.

There’s no doubt about it that convenience is the new buzz word within the food industry, the pace of life is moving faster and faster and suppliers are trying to keep pace by providing products that fulfill a desire for something that you can grab on the go without missing a step. Unfortunately, more often than not we’ve had to make a trade off between health and convenience. It’s not easy to balance the multitude of tasks we have to do in the day, skipping lunch or supplementing it with a unhealthy snack to get us through the day is more often than not the dilemma that occurs on a daily basis. We all know we pay for it in the long-run when we have to sign up to the gym to try and solve our new problem, our weight… but lets be honest, we’re still busy so we don’t actually end up going to the gym as often as we hoped. It’s time to stop this crazy cycle. Eating healthy is now EASY, healthy, tasty, affordable and convenient!

If you would like to try the new EasyFruit range, it’s currently available in to following Countdown stores: Greenlane, Westgate, St. Lukes, Mt. Eden, Grey Lynn, Aucland City, Metro, Milford, Browns Bay, Takapuna, Newmarket, Meadowbank, Manukau City Mall and the Airport.

Media Release 1 April 2014.