Park Ranger develops Super Weedbuster

( Andy Spence is a Waiheke resident and a man who has a close personal relationship with weeds. After years of waging war on them during his career as park ranger and biosecurity officer on Waiheke Island, he has invented his own safe weed-killing product called appropriately Cut’n’Paste.

‘Cut’n’Paste’ is a brush-on gel that has been developed to be highly effective, reasonably priced and as safe as it is possible to make a systemic herbicide. It avoids having to spray and it uses the lowest toxicity form of glyphosate available, putting it in a gel form which is convenient and easy to use.

“You just brush it onto a cut stem on some leaves of the plant you want to remove. What goes in the plant stays in the plant and decomposes in situ. It won’t affect neighbouring plants or move through the soil.”

He says users of the product can have confidence that they are employing a very safe herbicide in a targetted and environmentally friendly way.

“You can use it on shrubby weeds or large trees by brushing onto cut stems as well as dealing to the nuisance weeds like convulvulus, oxalis and kikuyu by painting onto leaves. The rate of growth determines the speed of action and the amount of paste needed to be effective. In shady or dry conditions it takes a little longer to work.”

We all struggle with perennial weed problems in our gardens. Plants that just won’t go away! Unfortunately, organic weedkillers don’t actually kill the roots of these hard to kill weeds.

Cut’n’Paste is very reasonably priced and comes in a generous 450ml bright blue bottle, which is very smart as it’s hard to lose in the garden whilst you’re working away. The bright orange brush top is so convenient to apply the gel and the cap prevents the gel from getting on your hands and clothes. You need very little pressure on the bottle and brush to make the gel go on.

To deal to a large weed like gorse or Chinese privet you need a pair of good loppers or a garden hand saw. Just cut the plant as low to the ground as you can and immediately apply the gel to the freshly cut stump. The plant will suck in the herbicide and not resprout again. Very simple and convenient.

For small weeds simply paste a little gel onto the underside of some of the top leaves. The gel is then taken into the plant through the stomata over a few hours. Plants that are very resistant to sprays are affected by the gel because the gel holds the herbicide in place for much longer forcing the plant to take it in. When you’re painting onto leaves it makes sense to wear a pair of rubber gloves to keep the gel off your fingers.

How simple is that to just go weeding with a bottle and loppers!

Trials have shown it’s effectivness on a very broad range of plants including really tough ones like ginger and agapanthus, all the broadleaf weeds and grasses too.
Gorse is a doddle, just cut and paste! It’s much easier to get rid of the branches of a live gorse that one that been sprayed.

Cut’n’Paste is now used by DoC and councils throughout NZ for it’s effectiveness safety, convenience and ease of use in all sorts of applications.

To get Cut’n’Paste go to or email or visit your local garden centre.

Media Release from Cut’n’Paste on 13 March 2012

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