Managing Remuneration Decisions with Pivot

( Pivot Software has released “(DON’T) Show me the Money” highlighting the new reality of managing remuneration decisions.

The eBook offers practical advice for HR professionals and a strategic template to assist organisations in reviewing their remuneration processes.

“By taking a more holistic view of remuneration, an organisation can help improve employee engagement and build a stronger employment offer,” says Philippa Youngman, Chief Executive of Pivot.

“The eBook features a four dimensional model we use based on common sense and sound remuneration practices we’ve seen at large banks, government departments and insurance companies across New Zealand and Australia,” says Philippa.

The eBook refers to HR consultancy Hewitt’s ‘Best Employers’ study, that found getting your employment offer right is seen as crucial to employee engagement.

“The study found that when line managers had a good understanding of their company’s remuneration policy and process they could explain it well to staff, which corresponded strongly with a positive perception of pay amongst employees”.

“Furthermore, if a company’s remuneration policy is well understood, staff were happy about being paid on performance,” says Philippa.

The complimentary eBook can be downloaded from Pivot’s website,

About Pivot Software

Pivot Software provides human resource software solutions that enable organisations to improve the effectiveness and gain more control over complex and often emotional human resource processes like remuneration and performance management.

Their software solutions are used by organisations with workforces ranging from 400 to more than 13,000 in sectors like banking, insurance, professional engineering, utilities, retail and government.

Headquartered in New Zealand, Pivot also has an office in Sydney, Australia.

Media Release 15 December 2010 from Pivot Software.