Police Seeking any Information on Missing Carmen Thomas

(PR.co.nz) Police investigating the disappearance and death of Remuera mother Carmen Thomas say it’s important that anyone – irrespective of their occupation, profession or interest in the mystery – who has information that could progress the investigation pass it onto Police.

Detective Inspector Mark Benefield says a New Zealand Herald reporter put some suggestions and questions to Police yesterday and, in response, was provided with the following statement:

“Police are in regular contact with the father of Carmen’s child and Thursday’s interactions with him were to do with providing support to the family as victims of crime.

“Police don’t know what’s happened to Carmen or where she is. Anyone – including members of the media – who has information that is likely to progress the investigation needs to contact us.

“I can’t elaborate on the details of forensics that we have aside from to confirm, once again, the presence of blood in Carmen’s car.”

Mr Benefield acknowledged that speculation and rumours were rife in certain circles about what’s become of Carmen but reiterated that Police deal in facts, evidence and credible information.

“Carmen has a mother, a son, other relatives and friends. Public speculation about the possible circumstances of her demise are upsetting for them and unhelpful to a Police investigation team committed to finding her and returning her to her family.”

Information should go to Operation Keppel on 0800 KEPPEL – 0800 537 735 – or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Media Release 20 August 2010 from NZ Police.