Progressive Hydraulic Company Offers Businesses New Opportunities

BOA Hydraulics has been working with customers and industry members, to highlight the hidden costs in their business around lost productivity due to downtime with hydraulic machinery. They believe it was important to communicate the need for great reliable staff that could learn new skills to add significant value to the business.

Listening to those in the industry, BOA has developed an innovative hydraulic hose repair and maintenance solution, giving businesses control of their hydraulic hoses, keeping projects on track and on budget.

According to BOA Director Simon Boakes, BOA redefined hydraulic hose repair and maintenance bringing contractors innovations such as the BOApod (hydraulic hose repair and maintenance mobile trailer unit) and the BOAhub App.

“We offer businesses the chance to take control of their own hydraulic hose repair and maintenance or add hydraulic repairs to their service offering. With the BOApod, the right hose and fittings along with support and training, we believe we have the right combination of elements to allow businesses to successfully repair and maintain hydraulic hoses. We’re also excited to give our customers control of their ordering, inventory, and assets with the innovative BOAhub App.”

Simon says working efficiently and utilising the staff you have is crucial, especially in this economic climate.

“Take another look at your hydraulic hose repair, whether there is the opportunity for you to take control of it yourself or add it to your service offering, you can turn wasted time into profit and rethink hydraulic hose care.”

If you would like to know more what this innovative company can offer you, visit, email, or phone 0800 20 20 20.

About BOA
BOA gets its name from the Boa Constrictor – a “powerful, big, fast, yet flexible king of pressure”. It’s clear to see that BOA Hydraulics is not a lot different from its namesake. BOA is proud to offer machinery, products, hoses, and fittings, as well as innovative technology to link them together. You can rely on BOA for genuine parts, quality service, and an innovative approach.

Media Release on 5 August 2020

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