NZ Pen Innovators Surrokko Crowdfunding Campaign

(  Two enterprising New Zealanders have successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the widespread release of their functional, stylish, and precision-engineered pens. They launched the campaign on 22 July and they were fully funded within 24 hours. The campaign will run until August 21, 2020 and they are offering Kickstarter exclusive discounts on their pens.

The Flagship Surrokko Aluminium Fountain and Rollerball Pen was created by Damon Kostidis and Paul Guinibert, who share a passion for design and wanted to improve upon the common office pen. They also wanted to reduce the use of cheap, disposable plastic pens that often end up in landfill. Damon had learned about the importance of always having a pen from his days in the military, which continued into his career in the corporate world. However, he found that no pen had the versatility, function, or style he was looking for. By collaborating with Paul, an experienced engineer, the two were able to invent the Surrokko Fountain and Rollerball pens.

The design philosophy was to use durable materials and innovative design concepts. Both the fountain and rollerball versions of the pen have been carefully constructed to be perfectly balanced and ergonomic, allowing for total stability and control. It’s a great way to make a statement at work, whether locking in a business deal or writing a personal masterpiece. The pen’s solid build and comfortable design also make it ideal for both writing and sketching.

There are several features that separate the Sorruko pen from other pens lying around the office. It has a cap that locks into place, a matte black ceramic finish, and a low center of gravity for effortless control. With its aircraft-grade aluminium body and a lifetime guarantee, a single Sorruko pen can easily replace the multiple low-quality pens that one may have littered across their office.

Those interested in having their own Surrokko pen can get one at a reduced price by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. With a USD$199 contribution, the first tier offers a Surrokko pen USD$50 off the retail price. The next tier, at USD$299 early bird price, offers two Surrokko pens 40 percent off the retail price for the first 20 contributors. The final USD$1,791 tier allows contributors to get 10 Surrokko pens at a 10 percent discount for each pen. For all tiers, contributors will receive acknowledgement on the Surrokko website as well as the choice between fountain pen or rollerball for their new pens.

The rewards of this campaign can be shipped anywhere. With an estimated delivery in September 2020, a Surrokko pen is sure to make for a great gift for someone returning to school or work later in the year.

Media Release 4 August 2020.