Quantum PAR Series LED Grow Lights – a World Favourite


The all-new Quantum PAR series LED grow lights, also known as Quantum boards, are fast becoming the preferred option in the North American commercial and domestic market. Now, New Zealand growers are being given the opportunity to try them out for themselves.

Quantum PAR LED grow lights combine the most efficient LED diodes from Samsung – LM301B – with a powerful Meanwell XLG dimmable driver to create the crème de la crème of LED grow lights. This unique combination also allows for a far lower heat output than a standout grow light, with passive cooling taking the place of fans.

According to Herbal House spokesperson Matt Monk, the new LED grow lights are already proving themselves in a professional and home growing capacity.

“Their power consumption is just 400 watts, and when you compare that to its 1.2-metre flowering footprint, it’s a no brainer that you can grow more for less with the Quantum PAR series.

“We’re not surprised growers throughout the United States and Canada are making them their first choice. After all, with a light output of 2.6 μmol/J, it’s one of the most efficient lights on the market.”

The Quantum PAR series LED grow light packs a punch with its wide, low-profile panel design to create fewer shadows, while also offering more flexibility for those with roof height restrictions.

“Make no mistake, from the lower energy costs to the maximum canopy coverage and high-quality components, it doesn’t get much better than the Quantum PAR Series LED grow light,” Matt says.

If you would like to know more about the all-new Quantum PAR series, get in touch today. Email matt@herbals.co.nz, phone 0508 254 258, visit www.herbals.co.nz or visit the showroom at Waipareira Avenue in Henderson, Auckland.


Media Release 26 February 2020.