Remote staffing helping kiwi businesses stay competitive

“Effective Implementation is what counts! Cost savings alone will not sustainably ensure a business grows in value and profits. Deployed partners with businesses providing surety that what they plan and forecast can and will be achieved,” says Deployed Staffing’s Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin. 

Deployed is a company set up by Geoff and run by a passionate team of individuals who thrive off helping SMEs take full advantage of a system often seen as something only larger corporates can successfully set up. 

When larger companies of the world move whole business units offshore, they are able to make significant gains from having access to a very wide and highly skilled talent pool. But this always comes at a cost – often hundreds of thousands for a big enough organisation and a lot of pain and red tape, but the investment for them is worth it!

But where does this leave the almost 97% of NZ businesses who are sitting in the SME space? How do they remain competitive in their industries and take advantage of the same? 

“We know it isn’t always a one size fits all approach and there can often be a fair amount of work required up front to ensure businesses are ready to work with a remote team. We aren’t just selling the dream of cheap as we know that this is not a sustainable long term way to implement a remote staffing strategy. That is why we have a presence here, on the ground in New Zealand working with businesses for success.” says Baldwin.

According to Deployed’s NZ based Client Relationship Manager, Alana Chong, “There are a few ‘outsourcing’ options out there with different models, but very often things aren’t always as they seem in terms of the care for, and knowledge about, New Zealanders, the market, and the culture. Our point of difference is that we are here, to hand-hold businesses and provide solid, ongoing guidance to set them up for success.” 

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Media Release on 28 August 2019

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