The Death of Marketing

( Regular Marketing doesn’t work anymore. People nowadays are tuning out these ads. No wonder – according to an article in the New York Times, it is estimated that people see around 5000 ads per day. They get absolutely bombarded with them. The easiest thing to do is to “tune them out” which is why small businesses have a problem getting results from these ads.

So where does this leave a small business or home business?

They have to do things differently to get the attention of their prospects. Direct Response Marketing is an alternative option available to them. Direct Response Marketing typically uses a headline that will stop prospects in their tracks and say: “Hey, I need that!” Then get them to respond to that immediately.

Direct Response Marketing uses various media: flyers, faxes, direct mail, direct contact and the internet. The cheapest and most effective way by far is the internet.

But now, small businesses are faced with a problem: How to go about it? Most small businesses don’t even bother. In fact, only 33% of small businesses in New Zealand have a website, leaving 77% of small businesses ignoring the most profitable way of getting new clients.

Of the 33% that already have a website, most get no enquiries from it. Small businesses should be getting at least 5 new enquiries per day. If not, they are not using Direct Response Marketing to its full Potential.

Attraction Marketing is a new business that not only helps small businesses build a website, but helps them set up and implement a whole online lead generation system. This means that they get:

A website
A rapid Online Presence System
A Killer Offer that stops people doing what they’re doing and respond to it
A Lead Capture System that works 24/7
A way to automatically nurture the relationship and follow up with your prospect
A way to automatically convert them into sales
Automatic upsell offers
A lead referral system set up
A content marketing system

Direct Response Marketing can be used in any business.

Attraction Marketing also offers small and home businesses a video of the business, its people and its products. These videos will be considered for a TV program. Annually they offer a small business reward for the business with the highest increase in revenue as a result of using their system.

Having a system like this gives small businesses an unfair advantage over their largest competitors, puts them in control, triples their revenue, and automates their marketing.

If you are interested in having an online Lead Generation System set up for your small business or home business, please contact us, or visit our website for a free report: 10 Magnets to Attract Clients.

Media Release from Attraction Marketing on 5 September 2011

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