Get Noticed! Launch Content Marketing Services for Small NZ Businesses

( Marketing has always been a challenge for small businesses. Traditional ‘push’ marketing is expensive when more people every year use ad blockers as they get bombarded by more than 2000 marketing messages per day. The time has come for businesses with tight budgets to turn their approach to marketing on its head – they need to focus their efforts first on getting found.

93% of buying cycles now start with an online search. Inbound Marketing is focused on ‘getting found’ by customers. Tactics include:
• Content marketing – blogging, video, copywriting
• Search engine marketing (SEO)
• Social media marketing
• Community engagement and customer service
• External traffic referrals and link building
• Email marketing
• Conversion rate optimisation

The objective of Inbound Marketing is to create an ongoing dialogue between the brand and the customer, on the customer’s terms. The emphasis is on personalisation and relevance, and the continued use of targeted content to retain customers. With the technology and tools that have become mainstream in the last decade, Marketing is seeing a shift on emphasis from Paid advertising to Owned, Earned and Shared media.

Acquiring the new skill-set required for Inbound Marketing can be daunting for a time-poor business owner. However, for a small business with a great product and the skills to communicate effectively with customers this new approach to attracting and retaining customers is both exciting and empowering.

“To Get Noticed in today’s crowded competitive landscape small businesses need to develop a consistent point of view and tell better, more meaningful stories about their brand. We help our clients transform the way they approach marketing”, says Maria Koppens, Managing Consultant at Get Noticed!. “When consumers connect with a story, they listen and remember.”

Get Noticed! On-demand Content Marketing & SEO Writing for Small Businesses. We’ll do as much or as little of your Marketing as you want us to; lay the foundations, or build your brand brick by brick. Our Mission – to Get you Noticed!

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Media Release on 7 April 2016 by Get Noticed!

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