S2 an Authorized Boxfish Reseller

Boxfish Research announces a partnership with engineering consultants S2 Services to distribute Boxfish remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to the offshore energy, navy and defence industries in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

New Zealand company Boxfish Research designs and manufactures cutting-edge autonomous-capable robotic vehicles and ROVs. Their battery-operated ROVs are agile and lightweight, delivering capabilities usually only seen in work-class vehicles.

Using a Boxfish ROV allows organisations to reduce their carbon impact and get work done on time and with fewer costs than traditional operations using surface-powered ROVs. The ability to develop autonomous operations offers significant benefits to customers with larger offshore assets.

Malaysian-owned S2 specialises in providing underwater engineering services, ROVs and subsea inspection systems within the region. Their highly experienced subsea inspection team are advanced ROV pilots with extensive offshore oil and gas industry expertise. Their hands-on experience using the Boxfish ROV in the field will be invaluable in delivering exceptional customer service to Boxfish Research clients.

“We are pleased to partner with S2 Services to supply our innovative underwater vehicles to the Southeast Asian market,” says Craig Anderson, Co-founder of Boxfish Research. “S2 Services are experts in their field, and we see the great future of Boxfish technology in this partnership.”

“We are excited to be the first in the ASEAN region to own these Boxfish ROVs and in the limelight among the offshore operators to see the system’s capability to perform offshore,” says Azmeer Yusof, General Manager of S2 Services.

Media Release 18 March 2023.