SignForms Launched

( The NGU Group (NGU Group Pty Ltd) is proud to launch its new online document distribution and execution service – SignForms.

SignForms has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses deliver and sign contracts and forms all the while reducing paper waste significantly.

Whether a user is sending a purchase order, quote, contract, business report, agreement or any other documentation that requires a signature, SignForms provides a simple and legally binding solution that takes a matter of seconds to complete. The platform is compatible with almost all modern devices, phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers alike.

In commenting on SignForms’ potential, a spokesperson for SignForms said:
“In a world where paper consumption is at an all time high, we are excited to provide consumers with the tools they need to save both time and money, while also bringing sustainability to their day-to-day operations.”

In commenting on SignForms’ development, an NGU Group Spokesperson said:
“We have been proud to work in the development and launch of SignForms and are very pleased with the product that has been produced. We are excited the see what the future holds.”

About SignForms
An online document distribution and execution platform – SignForms enables users to upload a form and send it to a person for them to sign and return, all electronically. The platform saves paper and reduces the time involved with getting documents signed, all the while providing users with a dedicated, permanent, cloud storage solution for their signed documents.

Media Release on 16 May 2013 by SignForms

Media Contact
Mark Cracknell, SignForms (NGU Group Pty Ltd)
Phone: +61 7 3012 6430