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Sitting is Bad For Your Health

( SitActive is pleased to announce a new product that lets you move while you sit.

Simply place the SitActive Active Posture Cushion on you chair, stool or the floor and sit on it. The slightly unstable nature of the air filled cushion makes slouching difficult and enables you to continually and naturally adjust your seating position, to rock and rotate your pelvis allowing the spine to move and stretch the muscles and ligaments that support it. The effect is similar to sitting on a Swiss ball, but the SitActive cushion is more discreet, safer, easier to use and portable.

We are encouraged to take more exercise but sometimes do not have the time or the inclination. SitActive allows us to work out, targeting the core and those difficult to reach lower abdominals while at work without even breaking into a sweat.

RRP $39.95 introductory offer $34.95 +$4.95 NZ wide shipping. SitActive is distributed in New Zealand by Peace Pillows.

Media Release 9 August 2011 from Peace Pillows.



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