Porcelain Tiles Gone Slim – A New Technological Tile Development

(PR.co.nz) Recent developments in the manufacturing of floor tiles and wall tiles have produced slim tiles. Slim tiles are porcelain tiles that are between 4-5mm in thickness compared to regular ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles which are typically around 11mm.

Being thinner and therefore lighter than regular ceramic tiles, slim floor tiles and wall tiles offer the following great benefits:

• Easier to install
Because slim tiles are lighter, it makes them easier to transport and handle. Hence installing them is much easier, especially when it comes to wall tiles. The time it takes to install slim wall tiles is much quicker too due to the easier handling.

• Easy to cut and drill
As they are thinner, slim tiles are easier to cut and drill, while still offering the strength and support comparable to ceramic and porcelain tiles of regular thickness.

• Can be installed on top of existing floor tiles
Slim floor tiles are ideal for renovation of existing floors since the cost of removal or demolition of existing floor coverings can be avoided by installing slim floor tiles on top of the existing floor tiles or covering.

• Can be installed on top of existing wall tiles
Create a completely new look by installing slim wall tiles on top of existing wall tiles, again without the costs of removing the existing covering, saving time and reducing the amount of noise and debris.

• Work well around door frames
Since slim wall tiles are much thinner they work better around door frames and can also be applied on top of ventilated faces.

• No special maintenance required
Just like regular ceramic tiles, slim tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are easily and simply cleaned with a damp cloth. If the surface is dirty or greasy, cleaning agents such as detergents or bleach may be used. The nature of a ceramic surface prevents anything from sticking, and grease can be eliminated easily.

• Significant reduction in dead load on building structure
Tiling with slim floor tiles and wall tiles reduces almost half the weight of conventional tiling, resulting in reduced structure cost.

• More environmentally friendly
Being thinner, environmental benefits are gained during the manufacturing of slim tiles as fewer raw materials are used and maximum energy savings are realized. This reduces CO2 emissions and pollutant substances. Lighter weight also means less energy is used in the shipping and transport of slim tiles. And because there is no need to tear out and throw away old floor and wall tiles, homeowners avoid the inconvenience of rubble during building work and no new waste is added to the landfill.

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Media Release 10 March 2011 from Heritage Tiles.