SmilePath brings its affordable and effective teeth straightening treatment to New Zealand

Already providing its services in Australia, SmilePath’s affordable teeth straightening treatment is now available to benefit New Zealand with its effectiveness.

SmilePath New Zealand is here to give new hope to people who have been looking into suitable teeth straightening options but did not come up with something affordable and convenient that suits their budgets.

Smilepath has become one of the most talked-about direct-to-consumer clear aligners brands in Australia after providing the most affordable and convenient teeth-straightening solution there for over a year.

Teeth straightening should be taken seriously as the shape of your teeth has a direct effect on your facial features. Numerous people around the globe feel self-conscious about the way they smile and this is because they have misaligned or crooked teeth.

Teeth straightening not only gives you a bright new smile but also enhances your confidence. Several methods are already available in the market for this purpose. The oldest and the most efficient ones known to man are traditional metal braces.

Braces or dental surgeries might be effective but can cost a fortune and involve lengthy or painful procedures. Braces also require frequent dentist appointments which can look scary to some people SmilePath gives you the advantage of ordering clear aligners from the comfort of your home and getting them delivered to you on your doorstep. There are no long and frequent office visits required throughout your treatment.

Smilepath clear aligners are also more affordable than traditional orthodontics so money should not be a problem as well. A lot of people fear wearing braces because of the metal showing every time they open their mouths in public. SmilePath clear aligners are practically invisible and are designed in a scalloped fashion which makes them fit close to your gums. SmilePath clear aligners work in the same manner as the traditional metal braces and put gentle yet constant pressure on your teeth.

You will be provided with different sized aligner trays which need to be changed after every 10 days to properly align your teeth.

SmilePath clear aligners are removable and not attached to your teeth like braces. You can remove them of your free will to eat what you desire or to properly clean your teeth.

SmilePath works simply and easily. You have to order an initial impression kit from their website and follow the instructions given with the kit to make moulds of your teeth.

After you have made the moulds of your teeth, you can mail them back to the experts at SmilePath. A licensed orthodontist will design a digital treatment plan for you which would be then shown to you for approval.
Once you approve the digital treatment plan, you can choose a payment plan and order your custom-made clear aligners which will then be fabricated in the laboratory and delivered to you.

This whole process takes up to 3 to 5 business weeks and soon you will be able to wear your clear aligners and start your journey toward a bright new smile.

You need to wear your regular clear aligners for 22 hours a day and your night only clear aligners for at least 10 hours while you sleep.
Your whole teeth straightening process with SmilePath should last for an average of 6 months. You will also get two sets of retainers with your impression kit and free shipping in New Zealand.

So, SmilePath provides you with affordable at-home clear aligners with a quick and convenient treatment process in New Zealand. It has already put smiles on numerous faces in Australia and expects to do the same for the people here.

In case, you need to get a charming smile with a hassle-free treatment process, SmilePath clear aligners might be a great option with their effortless procedure and effective results.

Media Release on 1 July 2022

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