Solomon Grundy Online Gifts

( Solomon Grundy is the character that features in a child’s skipping rhyme. It was probably developed to teach the days of the week but it also captures the (fleeting) passage of time.

Solomon Grundy
Was born on Monday
Christened on Tuesday
Married on Wednesday
Took ill on Thursday
Worsened on Friday
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday
This is the end of Solomon

Now, Solomon Grundy is an online gift shop. With a difference. The gifts are meaningful. They celebrate the journey of life, demonstrate care and concern, and say we’re thinking of you, we love you.

The concept of the on-line business had its beginnings on the day the calm everyday lifestyle of Matthew and Zara Fraser and their three young children was turned upside down: what was thought to be `writer’s cramp’ in Matt’s right hand was further diagnosed as the first stage of motor neurone disorder (MND).

Then followed long months of readjusting to the concept of a terminal illness, one that would slowly but inexorably force enormous lifestyle changes on the family.

The idea of a gift business came about when they realised many friends and even family members were struggling with appropriate responses. What do you give when a life is diminished, but there are still milestones that need marking? What do you give to cheer or help those whose health is worsening? To children who are struggling with the situation? To elderly friends who are confused and worried about lifestyle changes?

Zara: “Not only have we been the recipients of much kindness, but we too have struggled with `the right gift for the right time.

“ I have always enjoyed finding small gifts with big meanings, gifts that will cheer and comfort. And when a friend – thanking me for a gift I had sent to her mother who had recently moved into care – suggested I go into the gift business, it was a real light bulb moment.’

And the name? “years ago i read the rhyme in an old book of my grandmother’s and when we were struggling with a suitable title for the business i remembered it,’’ says Zara. “ It fits our situation so well.’’

This part of the journey is complete. Solomon Grundy is now online. Categories include sickness, old age, and bereavement. Products include delicate soaps, exquisite notepaper, scented room infusers, candles and angels. Find the website at

Media Release 20 September 2011.