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Soul Images – A New Exhibition by Cat Brown

( ‘Soul images’ a photographic collection of beautiful brides and babes, shot by New Zealand professional photographer Cat Brown, is being installed in Gisborne’s newly-invigorated Cafe Villaggio today.

The photographs give a special insight into the work Brown has been shooting since moving her business Cat Brown Photography to a new base in Gisborne just over a year ago.

“Because my work is 99% commissioned and shot either here or in Wellington, the general public don’t often have the chance to see what I do,” the photographer says.
“This is a fun way to give Gizzy locals the opportunity to be surrounded by some extremely joyous, candid and beautiful moments while they are sipping on a coffee and chatting with friends,” she says.

The majority of Cat’s work is wedding and portrait photography, often of babies and families who are wanting something a little different from the norm and the exhibition displays sixteen images of weddings, portraits and “a baby wall, which will leave you smiling,” she says.

“I am lucky to have really wonderful clients who understand my very organic process of shooting and who want a more modern, candid and unique style of image. It’s a real priviledge to be asked to capture a moment in someone’s life and it’s a very natural thing for me to be on the lookout for that perfect moment which genuinely captures the life and soul of a person, or the life and soul of a relationship.”

“I often joke about having a ‘just say no to chambray’ photo campaign to try and encourage other photographers to be more creative. Our clients deserve more that just the same old – same old group family shot where everyone wears matching clothes and stands by a tree she says.”

My clients are much more individual than that and want the kind of work that captures that individuality.”
“I limit myself to only a small number of weddings each season so I can really focus on creating something extraordinary for my brides and grooms that really captures the story of their day.”
Cat says she puts so much love into her work and really hope that everyone who comes to see the photos leaves feeling a tiny piece of that energy.
“Come and have a look,” she says, “I think you might have a good time.”

The exhibition: SOUL IMAGES : beautiful brides and babes by Cat Brown Photography is on at Villaggio throughout September and October 2011.



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