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Your Stress Management Practice May Be Slowly Killing You

( Traditional stress relief focuses on things like exercise, relaxation and therapy. While most people consider these to be positive ways of reducing stress, they have exactly the same effect on stress as negative stress relief behaviours. Ultimately, the stress is still there, and you need to keep taking time out to deal with it.

There is a much more effective way of handling stress. And it works by doing the opposite of what you’ve been doing so far. Instead of escaping your stress, you need to confront it and end it for good.

Chris Prime is a successful motivational presenter and has inspired and empowered countless individuals in his successful private coaching practice in Parnell, Auckland. He has conducted numerous seminars and workshops throughout Australasia where in the last 3 years he has inspired over 7000 individuals to start living their lives on purpose. Chris’s coaching philosophy is to share his well-practiced techniques on how to remove emotional blocks that have built up over a lifetime. Blocks that become so ingrained in our psyche that we learn to live with them, unaware they are preventing us achieving our true potential.

Stress Busters is an organisation recently formed by Chris Prime and Tammy Jenkins to help people tackle stress. In his workshops, Chris shows people how to stop coping with and managing stress. Instead he shows them how to get rid of stress forever. It’s a simple technique that anyone can use to dissolve stress in a few short minutes.

The 2-hour workshop has Chris guiding participants through the process. Participants feel relieved they do not have to share any personal thoughts or feelings as everything takes place in the privacy of their own minds.

Here are some stats:

• According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) website 75-90% of all adult doctors’ visits are stress related.
• *Healthy employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees.
• *Unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than healthy employees.
• **In New Zealand, stress will be costing employers $1,000’s in lost productivity every year.

A little bit of stress is actually a good thing as it forms the catalyst for change, however, it’s when the stress is prolonged and sustained that it has detrimental effects on quality of life.

When you end the stress, you will feel:
• Happier
• More positive
• Healthier
• More confident
• Younger
• More in control
• Lighter
• Able to do… anything!

For more information on Stress Busters, workshops (public or corporate) and private sessions, go to or phone Chris Prime on (09) 304 0030.

Media Release 21 May 2011.



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