Symptomatic Is Now Available

( RookSoft Ltd. of Auckland, New Zealand released Symptomatic, an iPhone application designed to help a person keep track of their symptoms. Symptomatic is available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store now.

“Symptomatic can help a person track their symptoms, thereby tracking down the triggers,” says Fahim Farook, CEO and developer at RookSoft. “Symptomatic can track all sorts of things – foods eaten, medications taken, new places you go to, all to help you figure out patterns to your symptoms and get to the cause.”

With Symptomatic, a person can track :

Contacts: Any unusual plant, animal, or thing that you might have come in contact with.
Events: A gathering or event such as a party that you might have attended.
Food: Any unusual food item that you might have eaten.
Medications: Any medication taken by you.
Symptoms: A symptom you experience rather than an event which might have led to the symptom.
Travel: Did you travel to a new country or place?
Weather: Any differences in weather that might affect you.

Media Release 23 April 2011 from RookSoft Ltd.