Techemynt Furthers the Reach of First New Zealand Dollar Stablecoin: $NZDS

New Zealand Registered Financial Service Provider Techemynt ( today announced the further accessibility for the first New Zealand dollar stablecoin, $NZDS. Techemynt has launched a new website and investor portal, streamlined processes for buying and staking $NZDS, as well as additional exchange and OTC listings, all of which will widen the reach of the stablecoin.

Over the last few decades, the New Zealand Dollar quickly rose to become one of the top traded forex currencies in the world, widely known for its resilience, adaptability and market trustworthiness. $NZDS is backed 1:1 with physical New Zealand Dollars in a cash and cash equivalent treasury managed by a New Zealand registered financial services provider, $NZDS offer crypto users the stability of the New Zealand Dollar with the utility that digital currencies allow. The stablecoin has been designed to be 100 percent transparent at all times, with EY attestation reports posted on Techemynt’s website.

“Techemynt is striving to nurture a healthy ecosystem for $NZDS. Today we are pleased to announce our market maker has gone live and so have several exchange integrations. These include trading pairs for $NZDS against BTC, ETH and USDC on both Blocktane DEX as well as the CEX. Furthermore we are finalizing integrations with other leading exchanges and beginning to cycle liquidity from these markets to even out the pool ratios on,” stated Fran Strajnar, Executive Director of “With a healthy secondary market and attractive double digit APY available on these integrations create a competitive environment for individuals and institutions to put their NZ Dollars to work in a self-custodial manner. Our sister company Techemy.Capital is also offering a white-glove service for users looking for a custodied/turn-key yield solution.”

Accredited and wholesale investors can purchase $NZDS directly from Techemynt through their onboarding portal, as well as secondary markets including New Zealand-based exchange Dasset and Web3 exchange DFX. With $NZDS going live on Blocktane and Dasset, this expands the on and off ramps.

“We are thrilled to bring access to more top quality national currency stablecoins such as $NZDS to broaden the reach of our global liquidity, and to partner with a top tier issuer such as Techemynt,” said Blocktane’s CEO John Willock.

A curated investor portal has been launched, which provides off-chain support, on-boarding assistance, and buying and selling services. The Portal caters to market makers, individuals, liquidity partners and has a $100k NZD minimum transaction size. Retail users may prefer one of the growing number of centralized or decentralized exchanges to buy/dispose of $NZDS.

“From here, the liquidity and AuM of $NZDS will continue to grow and we expect to quickly move to the next phase which includes blue-chip DeFi integrations, further yield and arb opportunities as well as integrations to wallet providers and everyday payments/FinTech apps and services. Our aim is to have $NZDS offer regulated, fast and liquid opportunities with the full transparency of blockchain as a foundation to encourage startups and incumbents alike to innovate and integrate with $NZDS,” added Strajnar.

This growth of accessibility creates opportunities for more people to buy and sell in a more stable, transparent way. To learn more about $NZDS please visit or follow on Twitter @techemynt.

Media Release on 9 March 2022

Media Contact
Fran Strajnar, Techemynt