Kelray Heating Expands to Canadian Market

Homegrown heating company, Kelray Heating are introducing their range of infrared outdoor heaters to the Canadian market.

Launching earlier this year, Kelray Heating Canada is looking to build upon their parent company’s success in New Zealand. Kelray Canada hopes that similarities in atmospheric conditions and parallels in lifestyle habits of Canadians will mean their products are similarly embraced in the region.

Kelray Heating are New Zealand’s sole local manufacturer of infrared outdoor heaters and were founded to solve issues unique to the country.

“Unfortunately, outdoor heaters manufactured abroad are not made for our harsh coastal conditions”, explains Kelray Heating NZ owner, Clive Menkin. “Most outdoor heaters available to Kiwis use 304 grade stainless steel or anodized aluminum. While this may be sufficient in inland areas, 304 grade is susceptible to corrosion in saline environments”.

“This caused a lot of frustration among home and business owners here in NZ, who were finding their outdoor heaters deteriorating in just a couple of years or so”.

Kelray set out to solve this problem and created the world’s first electric infrared heater constructed using marine-grade 316 stainless steel. 316 grade stainless steel includes added molybdenum, an element that drastically enhances corrosion resistance to chlorides.

After over a decade of success in the New Zealand market, Kelray’s expansion into the Canadian market will be the company’s first major step into taking its product global.

“Canada was the perfect fit for us”, says Menkin. “The mixture of coastal town and cities with alpine environments on the Eastern and Western seaboards is very similar to the conditions our heaters have been tried and tested in here in New Zealand”.

“A lot of the feedback we have heard coming out of Canada echoes the frustrations we were hearing in New Zealand when Kelray first set out to produce our heaters”.

“Home and business owners don’t want to be replacing their outdoor heaters every couple of years – they deserve an investment that lasts.

Kelray Canada will be operated by Menkin’s daughter and son-in-law and based out of Squamish, north of Vancouver, on the Sea to Sky Highway.

Kelray is currently exporting their outdoor heaters from New Zealand for assembly in Canada, however, they plan to manufacture their heaters in Canada in late 2022.

Media Release on 27 February 2022

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