Kelray Heating Take New Direction in 2021

Outdoor Heater manufacturers, Kelray Heating are taking an exciting new direction in 2021. The Auckland-based business has recently seen a change of ownership, with founders Kelvin Davis and Ray Maddix handing over the reins to experienced north shore businessman, Clive Menkin.

Kelray have enjoyed much success in the New Zealand market, establishing themselves as a trusted, local brand with a high-quality product. It is this emphasis on quality which has seen their outdoor heaters embraced by electricians, homeowners and businesspeople across the country.

“Kelvin and Ray created a really phenomenal product”, says Menkin. “Corrosion was a common, frustrating problem which plagued outdoor heaters, at the time”

“They were able to successfully manufacture an outdoor heater which could stand up to New Zealand’s coastal conditions and give consumers real peace of mind”.

Kelray Heaters are built using marine grade 316 stainless steel. This allows them to stand up to New Zealand’s heavily salt-laden air, conditions which are prominent through the country. This is Kelray’s key point of difference. While other heaters utilise stainless steel, they opt for the cheaper, lower quality 304 grade, which is more susceptible to staining and corrosion.

With business contacts established overseas, Clive plans to take the Kelray brand international. While they have been known to ship their products to Australia and Europe, Menkin plans to further grow Kelray’s international exposure.

“Coastal cities in Canada and the USA share similar conditions to NZ and I have heard similar complaints of corrosion among product there. I think it is time we showed these places what a bit of Kiwi ingenuity can do!”

Previous owners, Kelvin and Ray will be staying on, working in the business in an advisory role and ensuring a seamless transition of ownership.

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