Only NZ-made outdoor heater proves popular as support for locally made products flourishes

Auckland outdoor heater manufacturer, Kelray Heating has seen an increased interest in their product as more kiwis look for locally made products.

Kelray produces outdoor heaters for home and business use and has been active in the outdoor infrared heating market since the 1990s. The Auckland-based company was originally founded to offer a higher quality product to kiwi businesses after they noticed imported models were prone to deterioration due to New Zealand’s unique conditions.

“Our air is heavily salt laden”, explains Kelray Heater founder, Kelvin Davis, “Most heaters built overseas will deteriorate quite quickly as most were not made for such harsh exposure”.

This led Davis and his business partner to construct a heater using marine grade stainless steel – including all fitting, nuts, bolts, and components. While the heaters have been highly praised and sought after in hospitality circles, the rise of cheap, overseas imported models meant Kelray were operating in a crowded market.

But with the global pandemic triggering a perspective shift among Kiwi consumers, the company has noticed the demand for quality, NZ made products increase since lockdown was lifted.

“It’s really wonderful to see kiwis support the products that we make here”, says Davis. “NZ is made up of so many small businesses and showing your support by buying local will really make a difference”.

Davis hopes that this push for NZ made products will continue as people experience the quality and workmanship that goes into a lot of the goods we produce locally.

“The great thing about buying local is that you can often jump on the phone and talk directly to the manufacturer”, says Davis. “We really enjoy helping guide people on the best heating solution for their space and often spend a lot of time getting to know our customers”.

Kelray’s outdoor heating range are available through purchase via their website upon enquiry.

Media Release on 30 June 2020

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