Kelray Heating introduce their next generation heaters in a bid to improve quality

( Auckland based outdoor heating company; Kelray has developed an outdoor heating product in a bid to improve the quality of outdoor heaters on the market.

As the demand for outdoor heating products increased with the popularity of Alfresco dining, coupled with the rise of outdoor smoking areas, company founders, Kelvin Davis and Ray Maddix found that most outdoor heating products on the market were of a low quality and did not suit NZ conditions.

Dissatisfied with these products, which were manufactured offshore, (primarily China), the pair set out to create an electric outdoor heating solution which is designed and manufactured in New Zealand, using high quality materials to best suit NZ conditions.

“Being involved in the infrared radiant heating market since the early 1990s, we noticed that most of the products being installed in restaurants, bars and venues throughout the country were largely poor quality products”.

“Our new generation of heaters are designed specifically to suit NZ conditions – particularly the salt-laden air”.

Improvements include a sturdier, more resilient element, improved element fixing, stainless steel bolts, fixtures and screws to eradicate rust, stronger points for pivoting heaters and increased insulation.

Kelray’s locally manufactured outdoor heating products have developed a reputation globally, now exporting their products throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Media Release on 13 April 2017 by Kelray Heating

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