Let Lines Converse



10 – 28 February 2021
Open Wed – Sun 11-3PM

The opening will be this Saturday, 13th February at 3pm at Arthaus, Orakei Bay Village, Auckland.

Ian Mac Gabham is an Auckland based artist, born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to New Zealand in 2013.

With and academic background in architecture, Ian began to explore the transcendental expression of abstraction without the reliance upon recognisable objective forms.

“Let Lines Converse” is a collection of hand drawings by Ian. Each line has a mood within itself and belonging to its geometric, abstract surroundings.

As the old Irish proverb goes “Is túisce deoch ná sceal” which means “a drink precedes a story”, so yes there will be wine…and nibbles provided.

Media Release 10 February 2021.