Child Author Launches The Magic Pencil

( We at Spies Publishing are absolutely thrilled to announce the publication of The Magic Pencil, the eagerly anticipated new children’s novel from young New Zealand author Ben Spies.

The Magic Pencil is eleven-year old Ben’s second fiction title for children. It tells the exhilarating story of London school boy, Bob, who finds a magical pencil one day on his way to school and now his life will never be the same again. Bob, with the help of his friends, must keep the magic pencil away from the clutches of the villainous Fakeys who will stop at nothing to take the pencil from Bob. But will they succeed?

Featuring a cast of memorable characters, such as the Old Man, The Magic Pencil is sure to delight young readers as they are taken along on a breathtaking and hilarious adventure through space and time as past, present and future collide.

Talking about his new book, Ben said “I’m so excited to publish The Magic Pencil. I hope the children reading it enjoy following Bob’s awesome adventure to save the world from the horrible Fakeys as much as I do. It’s my funniest book yet. My favourite part of the book is when Bob travels back in time to ancient Egypt and meets a rather nasty pharaoh.”

Commenting on the new book, Spies Publishing’s Renata Spies (also Ben’s incredibly proud mother) said, “We’re hugely delighted to be publishing this spectacular new book by Ben. The Magic Pencil is a 160-page action packed book full of adventure and fun aimed at children aged 8 to 12. Written from the point of view of a child, Ben has his own unique style of humour and a wild imagination that all his readers will love. You get to see Bob’s world through a child’s eyes and have his story told with an authentic child’s voice.”

It’s been a family joint effort to publish The Magic Pencil. The book’s characters have been brought to life with illustrations from Ben’s father, Robert Spies, who also illustrated Ben’s debut book Weirdo. The Magic Pencil by Ben Spies will be published in paperback by Spies Publishing and is available to purchase at

Media Release 13 June 2017.