Kelray Heating ensures bungee jumpers body temperature doesn’t fall

( Glenfield based outdoor heating manufacturer, Kelray Heating has recently been selected to install their range of heaters at AJ Hackett Bungee, beneath Auckland’s Harbour Bridge.

Kelray was selected as the supplier for this project because, due to the harsh nature of the environment, the client required a product which was flexible and could be custom made and installed.

As the only New Zealand manufacturer using 316 marine grade steel in their infrared outdoor heaters, Kelray was the only supplier whose products could withstand the salt-laden westerly winds that the area is exposed to.

Kelray heating director, Kelvin Davis comments on why the flexibility of their product made it well suited for this testing environment.

“This project featured several unique challenges which would have been difficult for most outdoor heating suppliers in NZ to overcome.”

Due to restrictions around the Harbour Bridge, Kelray’s engineers were unable to drill into the bridge itself. This meant they had to design and manufacture custom brackets to hold each heater into place.

“Outdoor, overhead heaters found in the NZ market are generally produced overseas, which means that requesting custom changes is very costly and simply not worth it when orders are small.”

As a manufacturer and installer based in Auckland, Kelray Heating were able to assess the client’s needs, onsite and come up with the solution – 4 custom brackets which cost the client less than $200.

“Our ability to be flexible – alter our products to suit particular conditions, complete timely onsite visits and engineer a cost-effective solution made us the ideal candidate for this project”.

Media Release on 8 June 2017 by Kelray Heating

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