The Need to Keep Changing in the NZ Office Supplies Industry

( The corporate consumables industry is a very niche retail segment, however it remains fragmented with many large industry players.

While traditional office supply sales such as staples, paper and binders have been in steady decline, digital media products filled this void.

“The key to success in the corporate consumables and office supplies industry is diversification”, comments Gavin Perris, Senior Business Manager at Corporate Consumables NZ. “While many suppliers have chosen to specialise specific items, we have chosen to offer a broad range of consumables”

Low product variation also makes it easier for consumers to replace one suppliers products for another, without compromising its utility. This is why Corporate Consumables NZ offer both traditional office supplies as well as hard drives, laptops and software.

The need to diversify is backed up by an April 2015 market research report into the Office Supplies industry produced by

“Traditional office supply stores have long been under pressure from the changing digital landscape and fierce external competition. Moreover, industry operators have faced strong pressure from discount stores, supercenters, warehouse clubs and online retailers”.

Coperate consumables operates from 6 physical locations throughout New Zealand, processing the bulk of their orders through their website.

Media Release on 15 September 2015 by Corporate Consumables

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