Twinkl NZ’s Free Yearly Subscription for Primary School Teachers

In response to alarming statistics showing 23% of New Zealand teacher graduates leave the profession or change school within their first five years, educational publisher, Twinkl, is offering free teaching materials to students in their final year of their teaching degree.

This comes at a crucial time as the education sector grapples with significant challenges, including teacher shortages and high turnover rates among early career professionals. Being the time of year when final year teaching students begin school placements, it is critical that these students who are about to enter the profession have as much support as possible to enable long careers in the education field.

Regional teacher turnover data for Auckland specifically shows a notable increase, rising to 17.5% in 2021 from 14.9% in 2020. Teacher retention is struggling not only in this region but also nationwide due to the cost of living and burnout which put additional stress on both teachers and principals who have been dealing with staffing issues.The data also shows that Wellington region has seen a 22.5% increase in turnover in 2021 which makes it one of the most affected regions in New Zealand.

Acknowledging the challenges young teachers are facing in New Zealand, Twinkl has decided to offer teaching students access to educational tools and hundreds of thousands of educational resources to empower them as they begin their placements and careers. This includes access to over 1 million digital resources, including full schemes of New Zealand curriculum aligned resources, lesson plans, AI-powered tools designed specifically for educators and interactive activities like educational games and videos.

Being a trusted resource provider globally, Twinkl gives teachers access to tools and materials that save them time and boost their productivity, with over 200,000 teachers and parents across New Zealand already using Twinkl’s digital library of curriculum-aligned materials to support children’s education.

So far, three universities have partnered on this offer, giving access to Twinkl’s complete library to all enrolled final-year education students.

“Our third year student teachers have enjoyed having access to teaching resources that support their practice and engagement with tamariki,” said Kylie Smith, Head of School of Education at Manukau Institute of Technology.

How can institutions apply to receive free educational resource access for their Final Year Students?
In a gesture to further extend the positive initial impact of its initiative to help students in at least 10 institutions in New Zealand, Twinkl invites Education Faculty members to apply to also receive free educational resource access for their students.

To do so, visit the Twinkl website and complete a short form, or email Twinkl directly at

Media Release 29 April 2024.