NZ Made Dating App Replaces Endless Swiping with Deep Matching Technology

“So many people have dating app fatigue,” says Emily Heazlewood, Christchurch entrepreneur and founder of Amor.

“They’re searching for love and connection but dating apps don’t get to the heart of what makes two people right for each other.”

That’s what inspired Heazlewood to create Amor, the New Zealand made dating app that blends advanced matchmaking technology with psychology and relationship science to help users find their perfect match. The app, which launches today, was born out of Heazlewood’s own frustrations as she searched for a romantic partner.

“I knew there had to be a better way than endless swiping through unlikely candidates,” says Heazlewood.

“True compatibility goes much deeper than a few shared interests and what someone looks like and that’s why I created Amor.”

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Heazlewood is no stranger to matchmaking apps having already created the app Romer, described as the “Tinder for activities”, which helped more than 120,000 people to discover new local experiences.

In Amor, Heazlewood has applied the power of technology to the science of romantic compatibility, distilling years of research on love and relationships to craft a platform that uncovers users’ perfect match based on personality type, core values, attachment style, lifestyle choices and more. Amor users complete a comprehensive profile on sign-up, and the app’s sophisticated matchmaking algorithm does the rest.

“We know from our research that New Zealanders are searching for secure, loving relationships,” says Heazlewood. “But most dating apps are only good for delivering fast hook-ups. We wanted to slow things down so people could find fulfilling connections.”

Once a week, Amor delivers users up to four bespoke matches that each have a compatibility score above 70 per cent. Profile images are hidden for the first 24 hours, so users can get to know their match without seeing what they look like.

“We want to grow a safe, respectful dating community with a focus on meeting up in real life, which is where the magic happens.”

Amor will also have a focus on hosting in person events in parallel with the app to ensure a personal approach to matchmaking. Two date nights have already been held in Christchurch, resulting in over 100 first dates and the blossoming of several relationships.

“I’m passionate about helping New Zealanders find true and lasting love,” says Heazlewood, who put her house on Airbnb and moved in with her brother, so she could put every spare dollar into the development of Amor.

“We know there’s a loneliness epidemic out there and healthy relationships are so important to our wellbeing. I’m really proud of this app and can’t wait to help a whole lot of New Zealanders connect with that special someone.”

Amor launches today in Auckland and Christchurch and will be available for a monthly subscription fee of $29.99.


Media Release on 18 April 2024

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