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Update on Kiwifruit Vine Disease Psa

( Biosecurity Minister David Carter says the number of orchards confirmed as having the kiwifruit vine disease Psa remains at three, with one orchard returning a negative result and one other waiting results of tests.

The orchards were within 10km of each other, Mr Carter said.

“Testing is continuing at pace in order to get a more definitive picture of the spread of Psa.

“By tomorrow afternoon the situation should be much clearer and we will be able to focus on the next steps of the response.

“MAF has concluded their discussions with Zespri technical staff regarding copper sprays and spraying will begin tomorrow on the most infected orchard. The compound to be used has no implications for trade and is safe to use on vines.

“Thankfully, no trade restrictions have yet been placed on New Zealand kiwifruit by Japan, Australia and the United States.

The ZESPRI Grower Contact Centre had so far received 135 emails, including 78 with photos of suspected symptoms and 57 confirming their orchard is clear of symptoms.

Mr Carter will return to Tauranga tomorrow afternoon to meet with Maori kiwifruit growers, and hold a press briefing updating where the response programme is at.

Media Release 11 November 2010 from David Carter, Minister of Biosecurity.



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