VWO and 10XL partner to offer cutting-edge CRO solutions to New Zealand brands

VWO, the experimentation platform used by fast-growing brands the world over, recently announced a partnership with 10XL, an Auckland-based team of marketing veterans that helps eCommerce brands in New Zealand and Australia grow through data-driven insight.

New Zealand (NZ) as a market has great enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit. There is untapped potential in the country’s ability to adapt and improvise with available resources. There is also a gap in the understanding of growth hacking, in reality, this has more to do with creating effective messaging and value proposition and less with spending a large amount of money on building a new website. Currently, an average CMO’s relationship with the board may not be persuasive enough to get the budget sanctions needed to test ambitious ideas.

The NZ market thus presents a wide scope of opportunities – what is required is the realigning of expectations around which Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tactics work in the local context.

The strategic partnership between VWO and 10XL is positioned to bridge the gap and help brands allocate resources to meaningful experiments.
While VWO puts marketers one step ahead of conventional experimentation tools, 10XL brings in the expertise to drive long-term performance for eCommerce brands. Together they are placed strongly to help NZ brands grow sustainably and profitably.

“We’re excited to partner with 10XL and confident that together we will be able to deliver CRO solutions that appeal in the local context to NZ brands and help marketers build a sustainable culture of experimentation in their organisations. VWO brings ease into experimentation that allows clients to weave a complete picture of their users to create delightful digital experiences. Add to this what 10XL brings to the table – strategic marketing expertise coupled with data insights and the know-how on what works in the NZ market – and it’s a win-win offering for potential clients in the region.”, says Sparsh Gupta, CEO, Wingify.

Through this partnership, 10XL aims to be of service to established NZ brands looking to optimise their performance through a ‘test and learn’ approach. They want to build not just better websites but help build better marketers and high-growth kiwi brands that compete successfully on an international stage.

“We see ourselves as the consumer experts in the local NZ market. The marketing mix that works in NZ very rarely works internationally, so we help teams understand and quantify that difference – VWO’s global reach, mature testing experience, and exceptional support will serve as the icing on a very delicious 10XL cake. The fact that VWO is a tightly integrated stack is the cherry on top. As marketers, we surround ourselves with so much digital complexity, it’s refreshing when a software partner like VWO comes along to help simplify that.”, says Christopher Andrew, Managing Director, 10XL.

About 10XL
10XL is part digital marketing agency, part eCommerce insights studio. They connect the dots between ideation and delivery for their clients and put customer experience ahead of any specific platform needs. They help brands drive long-term revenue growth by improving marketing activity across the entire customer lifecycle through research, data, and strategy. Their competitive advantage lies in their partnerships and collaboration with market-leading digital platforms, thinkers, and implementation specialists. The team’s diverse eCommerce expertise has helped brands in 20+ countries generate more than 100 million in online sales.

About VWO
VWO helps 2500+ brands in more than 90 countries create and deliver digital experiences loved by their customers. It is a connected platform that offers insights into visitor behaviour, planning and A/B testing capabilities, and easy deployment of changes – all within the same environment. Conversion rate optimisation experts trust VWO to perform data-driven A/B testing on their products and apps.

Media Release on 10 December 2021

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