Warkworth’s growth perfect for start ups

(PR.co.nz) Auckland’s growth is pushing people further to the fringes of the city and at the cusp of that is Warkworth. What was once considered a rural community is now seen as a developer’s dream.

Under the current draft Unity Plan, 715 hectares around the town have been identified for urban development, along with the proposed new developments close by in Te Arai and Mangawhai

The Auckland Council has suggested that Warkworth could house up to 8,000 more homes in the next three decades increasing the town’s population five-fold to around 20,000. These plans have also triggered changes to the industrial development of Warkworth businesses, as many have identified the need to expansion. Such expansions will be made possible with the development and upgrade of the Hudson Road intersection – which has also prompted many new businesses to the area.

With such rapid growth plans both residentially and industrially, Warkworth is the perfect place to start up a company.

Adam Dowling, founder and director of Warkworth Web, a small Warkworth based digital marketing company which is designed to help fellow local buisnesses to be seen and heard online explains the beauty of starting a company in Warkworth, ‘Warkworth is the perfect mix of small town meets big smoke, its rapid growth gives companies a great stepping stone to attract work and gain clients, as well as provide opportunities to help local bodies and people succeed,’

‘What’s so special about Warkworth is that it’s a tight knit community that want what is best for the town rather than the individual, it’s a collective community that wants to grow together.’

“Since founding Warkworth Web in mid-2015, I have seen a big change in the way business happens in Warkworth. As the town grows in size and new people are attracted to the area, businesses can’t rely on word of mouth anymore, they need to be seen and heard online. And that’s where Warkworth Web comes in. Warkworth Web is designed to help local companies see the potential in the online marketspace and help them gain the results they want.”

Warkworth is only going to grow, and with the completion of the new state highway motorway in 2022, access to and from Auckland will not only mean more people but also more opportunities. Warkworth will soon become a mid-way business hub between Auckland and Whangarei.

Media Release on 9 May 2016 by Warkworth Web

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