Wellington City Mayoral Result Waiting Special Vote Count

(PR.co.nz) Mayor Kerry Prendergast has an election night lead of 40 votes over Celia Wade-Brown, but it won’t be known who’s won the race until special votes have been processed. Some 960 special votes were issued. The result may not be known until Wednesday.

Electoral Officer Ross Bly announced the results for Wellington City Council and the Tawa Community Board this evening at 6.00pm.

Because Wellington uses the STV voting system, the results were announced later than most other cities around the country today.

Ross says: “This is the closest margin between two Mayoral candidates that I’ve seen in all my years in the elections office. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the special votes tell us over the next few days.”

The final results will be officially notified on Wednesday 13 October, as planned.

City Councillors elected were: Ngaire Best, Justin Lester and Helene Ritchie (Northern Ward), Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster and John Morrison (Onslow-Western Ward), Stephanie Cook, Ian McKinnon and Iona Pannett (Lambton Ward), Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Leonie Gill and Simon Marsh (Eastern Ward), Paul Eagle and Bryan Pepperell (Southern Ward).

Incumbent Councillors Hayley Wain and Rob Goulden were not returned.

Election 2010 – Preliminary Results

Kerry Prendergast – elected
Celia Wade-Brown – not elected
Jack Yan – not elected
Bryan Pepperell – not elected
Bernard O’Shaughnessy – not elected
Al Mansell – not elected

Council – Northern Ward

Justin Lester – elected
Ngaire Best – elected
Helene Ritchie – elected
Gareth Morgan – not elected
Hayley Wain – not elected
Camilia Chin – not elected
Gary W. Roberts – not elected

Council – Onslow-Western Ward
Andy Foster – elected
John Morrison – elected
Jo Coughlan – elected
Sharon Blaikie – not elected
Jack Ruben – not elected
Mike Fleming – not elected
Ingrid Sage – not elected

Council – Lambton Ward
Ian McKinnon – elected
Iona Pannett – elected
Stephanie Cook – elected
Marcus Ganley – not elected
Michael Fowler – not elected
Mark Greening – not elected
John Bishop – not elected
Adam Cunningham – not elected
Kris Price – not elected

Council – Eastern Ward
Leonie Gill – elected
Ray Ahipene-Mercer – elected
Simon ‘Swampy’ Marsh – elected
Allan Probert – not elected
Rob Goulden – not elected
Taima Fagaloa – not elected
Mike Mellor – not elected
Amanda Nicolle – not elected
Mike Fiechter – not elected
Tony Travers – not elected
Rosemary Russell – not elected

Council – Southern Ward
Paul Eagle – elected
Bryan Pepperell – elected
Will Moore – not elected
Keith Johnson – not elected
Greg McPhee – not elected
Ida Faiumu-Isa’ako – not elected
Rex Nairn – not elected
Bernard O’Shaughnessy – not elected
Seann Paurini – not elected
Thomas Morgan – not elected

Tawa Community Board

Malcolm Sparrow – elected
Robert Tredger – elected
Margaret Lucas – elected
Graeme Hansen – elected
Alistair Sutton – elected
Christopher Reading – elected
David Darroch – not elected
Richard Herbert – not elected
Dennis Sharman – not elect

Makara-Ohariu Community Board
Margie Scotts – elected unopposed
Gavin Bruce – elected unopposed
Hamish Todd – elected unopposed
Wayne Rudd – elected unopposed
Judy Liddel – elected unopposed
Christine Grace – elected unopposed

Hutt Mana Charitable Trust – Wellington City Ward
Ian Hutchings – elected (5801 votes)
Paul Hendry – not elected (3783 votes).

Media Release 9 October 2010 from Wellington City Council.