Wojtek Czyż wins Para Badminton National Championships

The 41 year old german athlete, living and representing New Zealand, surprised the World Para Badminton scene with an outstanding performance during his first international Tournament in Dubai last May where he has could be stopped only by the current Nr.3 of the world Rankings.

With this incredible performance he immediately qualified for the World Championship in Japan later this year. Unfortunately Wojtek will not be able to participate at the Para Badminton World Championships for our country, since he is not a New Zealand Citizen yet. A circumstance he hopes will change soon so that he can represent New Zealand, his new country, at the Paralympics in Paris 2024.

Luckily for Wojtek, Badminton New Zealand declared the NZ Championships open for international entries so he could compete and win the first ever Para Badminton New Zealand Championships, showing his attachment to this country and commitment to Aotearoa.

For more information about Wojtek and his “Project 2024“:  https://www.wojtek2024.co.nz/

Media Release 24 June 2022.