Women's Summit at Queenstown's Skyline Gondola

(PR.co.nz) In what promises to be an exceptional evening’s entertainment Sustainable Queenstown (SQ), with support from Skyline Queenstown are bringing together a group of inspirational sustainability champions to showcase how individuals and businesses can make New Zealand a smarter and more liveable place to reside and work.

The move towards sustainability at home and in the workplace is gaining global momentum “For business, environmental, social and governance responsibilities are no longer add-ons. They are integral to success” (published in The Guardian back in 2014) and Queenstown is aiming to be a leader in New Zealand.

SQ’s spokesperson, Esther Whitehead says, “This is an opportunity for dynamic women to network and connect over drinks and canapés.” We are celebrating the great practices, initiatives and campaigns that our local women are involved in day to day with 8 local women showcasing fast paced, punchy, 4-minute presentations. Guest Speaker Monica Mulholland is imparting her wisdom on having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and self-integrity – which both go hand in hand with being an emerging leader in our communities. We’re also proud to involve Leyla Acaraglu: UN Champion of the Earth in the event.

When asked the question about sustainability policy in the workplace, “it’s a case of if not, why not? In the next few years, it will be businesses, which don’t have a policy, that get left behind,” says Whitehead. “Measurable sustainability objectives lead to improved productivity, profitability and social responsibility; and an enviable ’employer of choice’ and customer service reputation.”

Whilst the evening will attract business entrepreneurs and managers, it will appeal to all women of all ages and backgrounds. Off the Grid living, Fast Fashion, Eco-buildings, Diet Choices, Family Support, right through to Diversity and Inclusion feature in the disussions. Sustainable Queenstown is also excited to have Skyline Queenstown onboard, with Skyline leading the way in driving sustainability in association with Sustainability Queenstown.

Skyline Queenstown have taken measures to bring sustainable policy into practice, with one initiative resulting in 35 tonnes of food waste per annum, diverted from going into landfill. “It’s businesses with a conscience that will thrive in the future and SQ backs sustainable initiatives and collaborates within the community to keep Queenstown Remarkable” Esther says.

Media Release 13 July 2017.