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Moving Back to 100% Clean Green New Zealand

( The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign has been incredibly successful, but for New Zealand right now, we are a far cry from 100% Pure. News stories hitting international headlines lately have had a far-reaching impact on New Zealand’s clean green image and cannot be fixed with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. Headlines focus on New Zealand wide environmental problems, ranging from freedom campers leaving their mess in our backyard, dairy farmers treating their animals like we’re in a 3rd world country and state-owned coal miners looking to turn lignite coal into dirty old diesel. In terms of New Zealand’s environment, we have a long path to walk before we can in fact stand up and say “Yes… NZ is 100% Pure!” once more.

Well, enough talk then you might say, now we know where we stand, lets clean up our act and move back towards 100% Pure NZ with a vengeance! If you did take the time to look, you will find that there are plenty of Kiwis doing their bit to keep their little slice of NZ clean and green… Who has the time to look though? That’s why, New Zealand’s newest online hub for, well greener living (of course!) has been setup. The site follows those proactive Kiwis who are in fact keeping it green. It also provides us with the latest information on how we can all be a little greener in every aspect of our lives.

The sites founder, Kelly Muirden realizes we’re not 100% green, but some of us are trying to be greener. Kelly says: “If you’re walking over the highest mountain, you’ll only ever get there one step at a time; If it ( can motivate just one person to live a little greener, then we are that one-step closer to restoring NZ’s clean, green image.”

If you are one of those special Kiwis that is living green and has a story to tell, then get in touch with They’ll be more than happy to feature you on their site. Step-by-step, we can all begin moving back towards a 100% clean and green NZ.

Media Release 29 March 2011.



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