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Hamilton, National Day of Action Against Welfare Reform

( The Government is introducing very heavy-handed welfare reforms that do not help develop a thriving economy. In fact, they are designed to deliberately alienate vulnerable sectors of the New Zealand population, misinforming the public to win votes. These reforms marginalise those who do not earn a wage for the contributions they make to the community, effectively punishing them for the misdeeds of a very small group. On Friday 5th of October, low-income earners and beneficiaries are gathering in protest of the direction these reforms take New Zealand, and lack of consultation with those these reforms will affect most.

The Hamilton event’s timeline is as follows:

Gather at Hinemoa Park from 10am, ready to start at 11am. There will be signage material for placards available at the park from 10am, however we encourage anyone joining the march to make their own beforehand. At 11 am, the march will leave Hinemoa Park & take the following route:

Hinemoa Park -> Rostrevor St -> Anglesea St -> Ward St -> Worley Place (through the new shared zone) to Alexandra St -> Collingwood St -> Victoria St -> Garden Place.

This route takes people past the Hamilton Ministry of Social Development office, and the Hamilton Central WINZ office. Please note, however, that this is a rolling protest, and we will not be stopping at either of these offices.

From 12.30pm until 2pm, gathering at Civic Square.

A variety of speakers will be given a chance to voice their concerns regarding the government’s welfare reform policies.
Invited attendees include Sue Moroney, who has confirmed her attendance; Prime Minister John Key; National Minister for Social Development, Paula Bennett; Labour Member of the Social Services Committee and Spokesperson for Social Development, Jacinda Ardern; Local Hamilton MPs David Bennett and Tim Macindoe, and many affected organisations and services relating to support of those on low income etc.

From 11am there is also an alternate Event, the DPB Family Playgroup and Picnic.

This is an alternate protest for those who want to be in a family friendly space, or who don’t feel comfortable being involved with the march. Bring blankets, face paint, bubbles, chalk, etc, and a picnic lunch. Signage material will be available for anyone who wishes to make their own signs, although we encourage anyone coming to make theirs beforehand.

In all ways this is a peaceful protest. Harassment or verbal abuse of any members of the public, including WINZ employees, is NOT condoned by the organisers of the National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms.

With special thanks to those who have shown support, including the New Zealand Police, the Hamilton City Council, countless volunteer organisations, and those who have read and understood the truth about these reforms.



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